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Our Programs


Pre-release Preparation

We are serving incarcerated believers by reconnecting them to the community, providing gospel-centered courses, resources, and creating empowering opportunities. We are committed to supporting each person we serve inside prepare to be a testimony and thrive during their reintegration process back into society.

Connection – Correspondence – Courses


Post-Release Support

Reentry Discipleship: we provide fellowship and equipping for believers to pursue God’s call after incarceration. Through our peer led programs, we are seeing testimonies joining local churches, being empowered, engaging in ministry, and being testimonies of the redemptive power of the gospel to their families and communities.

Peer Mentorship – Internships – Discipleship


Transitional Housing

Church House CA is a network of Testimony Homes empowering returning citizens to lead & love our neighbors. Testimony Homes provide safe, stable, and supportive residences that make disciples, serve their neighbors, & demonstrate the redemptive power of the gospel of Jesus Christ in under resourced communities.

Shelter – Support – Success

Testimony Internships

Seek Gospel-Centered Justice with us as we partner with God to transform our communities by empowering the believers in reentry to pursue the call of God!

The Testimony Reunion: An Annual Celebration of Freedom


We believe every believer in reentry deserves the opportunity to be welcomed home with the love of Christ, have access to serve in a local church, pursue the call of God, be empowered, receive support to learn life skills, and be blessed in the community.


Testimony Ministries' 3-Strand Chord Model


We believe that those who have been delivered from incarceration, are personally persevering through the barriers of reentry, and overcoming them with faith can offer meaningful support to others in reentry (2 Corinthians 1:4).


Being a part of a welcoming fellowship and having support in the community is the foundation for restoration, because together we are stronger and can accomplish more than we can individually (Hebrews 10:24, 25).

Faith Support

We believe those coming home are more likely to succeed in reentry if their faith remains strong, because there are things God can do that no one else can. We include that possibility in everything that we do (Galatians 6:10).