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We believe God loves everyone and that every believer in reentry deserves the opportunity to be welcomed home with the love of the gospel after their incarceration, have access to serve in a local church, pursue the call of God, be empowered, receive support to learn life skills, and be blessed in the community.

Testimony Reunion 2023 Sponsors

Fellowship & Fun

Testimonies, urban ministry Leaders, local church partners, prison ministries, community allies and more gather together to celebrate FREEDOM!

Ministry Networking

Urban ministry leaders will share what God is doing through them and we can learn about more ways to support them and serve together!

Praise & Worship

Praise and worship music lead by believers in reentry, we will sing our hearts out to God for the goodness of our freedom and faith!

Guest Speakers & Testimonies

Testimonies and ministry leaders will be highlighted. There will be special guests, such as Dr. Don Davis from The Urban Ministry Institute!

Love Feast

We will enjoy a meal together! The Habit Burger and With Love Cafe will be delicious! There will be time for communion during this love feast as well.

Group Picture

Hundreds of years of lived experience with incarceration will be represented at this reunion. We will take a group picture together!

2023 Testimony Reunion