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Testimony Ministries Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization demonstrating the good news by advocating for gospel-centered justice in CA. To see our communities blessed, Testimony Ministries is responding to injustice with compassion and creativity by offering community led solutions to end mass incarceration. We are committed to healing harm, empowering those who have been incarcerated, and facilitating racial reconciliation by living out the redemptive love of the gospel towards our neighbors. We accomplish our mission by providing faith-based pre and post release reentry services, peer mentorship, a support network and transitional housing so our neighbors in reentry will become empowered members of society and thrive in freedom.

God is Doing Great Things!

“After being in and out of prison most of his life, Danny was incarcerated for over 20 years. When he was set free from a life sentence, he returned to society facing many challenges that came about due to being paroled back to his old neighborhood. He reached out to Testimony Ministries because he wanted to build a new life based on his faith. We connected him with a local church, provided hands on ministry training and supported him through negotiating a parole transfer to Los Angeles that came with housing for him. He is now married and continues to serves with his church in Skid Row where he is reaching out with God's love and living out his calling to share the good news with others who are where he once was.”

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“Boanergez began following Jesus and became a part of Testimony Ministries while still incarcerated. He returned home after over a decade inside and connected immediately with our ministry. Our team welcomed him, offered him a Testimony Internship and introduced to him to the local church where he would receive his hands on ministry training. He now is a leader within that church who is using his lived experience to edify others who want to learn more about following Jesus. Anthony is serving the community, working in reentry helping others reintegrate, being a spiritual leader in his family and continues to give back to others in so many ways!”

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“Testimony Ministries was connected with Wayne when he was unexpected released after over 20 years inside due to COVID-19 medical concerns and parole did not have housing for him. We connected him with housing, a local church, and our community of individuals with lived experience and faith. Despite the many barriers he faced as a senior, with his health and navigating reentry, he maintained the joy of the Lord and became the standard for greeting at the church where his Testimony Internship was hosted. We helped him get employed with LA Metro, where he also became the standard for ambassadorship, and Pastor Jarret married Wayne and his childhood sweetheart. He continues to thrive in his freedom, serve in the church and give back to the community!”

Wayne M.
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“Catherine came to Testimony Ministries after accomplishing a lot in her early reentry, building a career as a home care provider, but still being unable to find guidance for her spiritual purpose in this new found freedom. She successfully completed a Testimony Internship and has continued to thrive in her reentry and faith ever since. Catherine is a blessing to the community and is an inspiration for us all after serving over 20 years of incarceration. We supported her desire to continue learning and growing in her theological studies through The Urban Ministry Institute, and she leads through her service with Church House CA ministering to urban kids.”